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AftaRobot is an application that will allow you to plan your journey, to tell queue marshals and drivers 30 mins ahead of time where you will be standing and what time you will be there.

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The Promised Land

How will you get there?

i. By you - sending a commuter request,
ii. Waiting for a AftaRobot branded taxi [that’s important we want to keep you safe from pirate operators],

iii. Rating the service after [take control tell the owner and association directly what the driver is up to], and
iv. Using AftaRobot again and again.


AftaRobot ALLOWS

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Know where you are going!

‘It's 2021, and already the taxi industry uses technology to transport commuters ‘the taxi’, so now they will use technology to know where they are, so they can better service them!’. AftaRobot is here for you.

AftaRobot Application


    Driver, be clever, travel less and pickup more commuters… make more money!!! use the app


    Help make taxi’s safe and reliable for you and people you care about. Download the app, rate and help the Association and AftaRobot make the service to you better!!!


    You bring order and safety to the industry, record your work and get recognised.


    It's your business, take control, understand what is going on, install the app and make more money in the process.


    Association, protect your members business with technology and information, partner with AftaRobot and bring prosperity to the industry.


    Cashless payment solutions powered by contactless cashless cards, beacons and mobile technology solutions.

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Changing the perceptions of the minibus taxi industry through technology. AftaRobot mobile app aims to improve operational efficiency for minibus taxi drivers and associations by providing insight into routing, rideshare capacities, and more of their workforce.

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