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Changing the perceptions of the minibus taxi industry through technology
The current state of the minibus taxi industry in South Africa

An estimated 14 million South Africans rely on minibus taxis daily for all kinds of travel. This is the mode of transport that gets the majority of South Africans to work, to school to university or anywhere else they need to be, every day.

This amounts to 65% of all public transport services, operated by approx. 331 taxi associations overseeing over 300 000 mini busses that operate an estimated 10 billion trips per annum

Business Inteligence in the minibus taxi industry

Despite the significance of the taxi industry to the economy of South Africa, the industry itself has not moved with the times so operations are unstructured, haphazard, unsafe and not supported by technology.

Afta Robot is a platform that uses advanced wireless technology combined with cloud support that will improve the safety and efficiency for the taxi operators and commuters.

Commuter trip management

This allows the people traveling by mini bus taxi to plan their journeys and have a better idea of when they will depart from or arrive at a particular place be it work, school or a visit to the doctor

Commuter/Customer relationship management (CRM)

Afta Robot will enable better planning to allocate resources to demand, develop an informed CRM process by tracking user behaviour and becoming more relevant to commuters, and enable drivers to locate passengers quicker leading to greater efficiency for taxi and commuter alike.

Fleet management

Afta Robot will allow the owners to know where taxis and commuters are which will allow them to plan vehicle availability that will increase efficiency of the taxi industry and the economy as a whole by transporting passengers quickly and safely to wherever they need to be.